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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
What is being posed here about die cut windows is a very important issue.

My staff could save a lot of time and I could save a lot of money if I simply used standard die cut windows for all of the signatures. But that might sacrifice part of the signature and I have always thought that this was much more important.

So to those who feel that we are using an Exacto knife on these cards, let me assure you we are not, we are going to great lengths to insure the integrity of these valuable signatures.

I have nothing to say to the poster who suggested that a five-year produced our die cuts.

Brian Price

You said it best, a Die Cut would save a ton of time and money.

Just because you are using a Die Cutter doesn't mean that you have to use one standard size cut out.

I wouldn't imagine that it would take more than a few different sized windows to create all the cards for the entire product.

It's just my opinion that the cutouts could look better, that's all.
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