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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
223 you are correct, by the same token Canadians have no idea who the football and basketball prospects are. That doesn't make the products made in the US, dead.

Heroes and Prospects is alive and well with the collectors who collect the product year in and year out.

Heroes and Prospects is licensed by the CHL, PHPA and AHL.

Brian Price
I wasn't knocking it at all. I was more or less saying it's not as heavily broken down here as it is up there that's all.

More importantly, Blowout has far more US members than the other sites. If you go over to SCF or Hobbyinsider there are plenty of H&P breaks on there. Those guys know who's who in the set.

The FIRST page of the hockey breaks section here has threads that were started almost 10 days ago. Baseball and football are usually no older than 24 hours tops.

You'll also notice than quite often people start a hockey break post with "Did I do any good?" or "I don't usually open hockey but thought I'd try it out".

Again, I wasn't knocking it. Just that when you have guys opening stuff and have no idea who major NHL stars are there's little chance they'll try a prospects set.
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