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Just remember it is a bit of a down year for rookies in hockey this year which limits the amount of breaks. Not to mention most of us know to avoid Panini hockey product and hold out for the better UD and ITG stuff later in the year.

I for one like hockey being the fourth step-child in sports. Football and baseball are always the #1 sports in the USA in terms of fan-base. I prefer to think of hockey as the ECW in sports compared to WWE and WCW football and baseball. It's more under the radar, gives you a great quality product, and the guys are the most down to earth guys out there in sports.

In terms of H&P, there is usually pretty good hype when there is a marquee rookie heading into the draft or right after the draft has been completed and there is a scramble for who your team just drafted. Flobert's break highlighted a nice 4 color patch of Nails (best hockey name in awhile) who could go #1 in the draft. Prospect sets usually do go a little more under the radar than regular sets, and when the sport is more under the radar than the other ones, what more do you expect? It sits just well with its hardcore fans though.
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