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Originally Posted by cking View Post
You gotta collect from your heart and just consider any money you make a bonus. If it starts to become about nothing but the money, take a break for a month or two. It will renew your intrest big time when you jump back in. Everything does things diffrent. Its a hobby for me. Its a business for others.
I agree with this guy...i collect because i love to collect...i am not in it to make money off the cards i buy. Sure i have a ton of doubles i would love to sell, but i dont buy hobby boxes in hope to pull the big card and sell it. I pulled a RNH rookie auto that i pulled from certified that i am still hanging on to. I also am still trying to complete my 09-10 mvp hockey set. I wish they would bring back MVP for hockey because that was a set i love to collect. So again, i agree with cking, its a hobby to me...hell i have even thought about opening my own card shop because i love it so much.
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