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For me, an appealing design with nice core of RC's trumps inserts, parallels, relics, autos, etc. Probably my favorite all-time set has to be 90-91 Upper Deck. The rookies in that set are unbelievable considering how many future HOFers and all-stars are included. Sundin, Roenick, Jagr, Bure, Mogilny, Lindros, Niedermayer, Nolan, Larionov, Makarov, Fetisov, etc. Tell me another set that has that many great rookies that had lasting impressions on the game and its fans. I know it may not be quite as valuable as other sets, but when you take into account the fantastic photography, it's one of the true landmark sets for hockey card collectors. Hell, there are some cards that I can see clear as day when I close my eyes.
Looking for A&G sized minis and Topps Olympic relics, pins, etc. for my daughter and refractors for my son
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