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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
Hell, there are some cards that I can see clear as day when I close my eyes.
Um Kings.....this doesn't really count as a card....

Agreeing with the above posts, first of all I started collecting usually going after one player and any bigger hits beyond getting that player were bonuses.

Biggest thing toward collecting now in between big payday and joy of collecting is odds on payout though. Take lotto scratch tickets for example, I look at the odds and determine which ones are better. Some pay out 1:5 tickets while other pay out 1:3, some you usually just get your money back, while others odds are better to at least double your money if you win. Guess which ones I scratch off? Do you win every time? Of course not, but getting a nice medium where you get a nice looking product, couple nice hits, and have decent odds about knowing the money you spent was worth it.
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