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Originally Posted by vaultofhorror View Post
I have about 1,000 1995 Marvel Masterpieces cards coming in, along with a bunch of other goodies. Once they come in, i'll sort everything out and let you know if I have anything your looking for in 1995. I'd be willing to trade or sell whatever you preferred.

The 1996 Marvel Masterpieces are going to be a pain in the butt to get, they are going for $7 a common card (base set). I'm trying to complete this set myself, have a few gallery cards and double impacts so far.
Sounds great. I know what you mean on the 96. The only reason I have any is that I bought a lot of 95 and the guy didn't realize that he had a few 96 mixed in. I bought 1 gallery card. I have been trying to go in order and finish the 94 set, than 95 and finally 96.

Have you seen the price for the 94 Gold Signature set? When I first started looking around 6 months ago they were going for $45+/- and now they are sometimes topping $60!
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