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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Take off your Black and Yellow glasses and look at the play again. At some point the player who puts himself in a vulnerable position with a split second left in the play has to be responsible for his actions. This wasn't Mike Richards braining David Booth.
I think you need to watch the play again, where does Letang "put himself in a vulnerable position" the puck is on the boards Letang is pursuing the puck, enter Nystrom reaches for the puck which is on the boards but than clearly goes straight for Letang, and worse Letang's head! Where, if Nystrom were to go for the puck he would have still made contact with Letang but from a much more acceptable angle. letang should have not left the boards but it appears he did to try to avoid Nystrom, who should have just lowered his shoulder as opposed to jabbing at his head. I feel this play is more blatant than the one Turris got off for against Corvo. Base this incident combined with what has happened previously to the Pitt. organization I think Shanahan has no recourse but to issue a suspension, I can't see where Letang put himself in any vulnerable position, he was playing the puck coming off a previous hit, I hope the league does the right thing!

As far as this making things easier for Bos. & NY, for Boston they are dealing with there own injury issues and have had there offense impacted more than people realize, Horton and to me a greater impact is Peverly who has been a catalyst on the Bruins PP. Ny is currently the beast of the east and will be very difficult to beat in this years playoffs.

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