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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Good grief, you look at the play again. If Nystrom lowers the shoulder he hits Letang dead red with the shoulder. His arm was tight to the body, sees he is going to lose the race and commits to check. Letang is leading with his head, is Nystrom not allowed to make contact with Letang because Letang has concussion problems and is irresponsible on the ice?
How you can say Letang is "irresponssible' is beyond me The guy is trying to avoid a check, is he not allowed too, furthermore where is he leading with his head, he's upright the entire time, secondly is he in possession of the puck? Look there are multiple way's to look at this play(and I'm sure they will all be discussed in Shanahan's explination ), we just happen to have different opinions, but to label Letang as being 'irresponsible' in this situation is just wrong IMO And his arm my be somewhat 'tight to the body' but he sure looks like he's going out of his way to throw his shoulder up into that hit! Now let's let the league determine weather or not this is deemed an acceptable hit.
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