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Originally Posted by ivbaseball06 View Post
The creativity has been raised.

Since learning photoshop in high school I have had a blast finding new ways to put it to use. I'm obviously not a professional by any means, but I've been working on this since the contest started and I think it turned out pretty well! There's a couple little things in the pictures that don't show up well, so click the link below to see the full resolution version!


I'm a relatively new member to BO, but I've been bouncing around different card forums for years. I think I've finally found the one that I like the most! I love 2012 Topps so far and I'm pumped about Blowout's new store! I'm graduating next summer and have a job offer in Springfield, VA, so this will be my new LCS! Hopefully I will win the gold bar and will be able to cash it in on some hobby boxes at the Fantastic Store!

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