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Originally Posted by clarencewhirly View Post
You guys are a little bit nuts over the Camp. It's a cool card, and I don't care about Bryce Harper at all, but Camp's autograph is not insanely valuable. Searching HA's archives, they've sold from between $200 (for a low end on a pamphlet) to $1500 (for a complete, hand written, relevant to football note). A clean, PSA encased cut sold for under $500 (although this was all the way back in 2005). Sale value isn't everything, but given that you could sell the Harper, buy a nice Camp, and likely have over $5000 left over, it's not really close. Also, imo, it's a little bit more exciting to pull a product-level hit out of a 6000 case $4/pack product than a high end niche product.

I guess it's all in how you look at it. You can't compare cuts slabbed on an index card by PSA to the only cut ever embedded on a card that has a nice write-up and visual presentation.

That has been proven over and over on old "all time great" Hall of Fame baseball players. A PSA slabbed index card (or other like item) for Ruth or Gehrig or Cobb goes for far less than one that is embedded into a 1/1 cut signature card. The prices of some of those "all time great" cuts has gone down over the past several years because there seems to be a 1/1 or /2 or /5 every year, but this is the first one ever of Walter Camp being on a card.

Add that to the fact that the subset this card is in contains just 1/1 cuts from the Founding Fathers of most of todays significant sports. That makes it a very historical and significant card.

Any of the Harper's are great cards and I would be happy to pull any of them. However, when you look at the number of his cards on the market, versus the number of Walter Camp cut Signature cards, there is no comparison. Also, the value is much closer than you may realize although I don't think value should be the deciding factor for best pull.
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