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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Those are going to be very difficult pulls. I figure there are three Nugent-Hopkins rookies in each box. That's $100 extra right there.

This is my break math:

72 Young Guns x $5 average = $360
Nugent-Hopkins lot = $100
Jersey Lot x $5 average = $60
Rookie Jersey Lot x $8 average = $96 (probably one or two big hits)
Acetate = $40
Base Cards = $100
Canvas Lot = $50
Canvas YG x 6 = $72
Canvas SSP = $40
OPC Retros x 3 = $60

That's $978 right there not including the autograph, parallels, and patch card. I'm figuring if I sell it properly, I can get $1000 out of this year's product rather than the $930.02 average I made in last year's series 2.
I went in, prior to actually looking at the checklist with mixed feelings on what were left for YG's, but was not taking into account the Victory and MVP rookies nor the Canvas (Hodgson, Landeskog, Read...) So I think your math is right on! !
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