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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
Yah, I looked up the 06-07 cup shield auto checklist. There is no dual auto, but there is a dual shield. Maybe yours is just the dual shield.

It's cool, still an awesome card.

It was supposed to be big news for this year's cup that crosby was finally going to have an on-card dual auto with Lemieux, the first time in company history, but that never materialized.

Any other dual autos with crosby that could be possible include the 05-06 spx with Gretzky, but that was a dual sticker auto.

I can't think of any other card off hand, if you could give us a link to the beckett checklist, I would appreciate it!
I also saw where the Dual Shield was not an Auto, and have only seen Crosby & Gretzky Dual Autos, does anyone have a comprehensive checklist of all the Dual Auto's with Crosby, as the only Auctions I have seen are the Dual Crosby/Crosby and the 05-06 Crosby/Gretzky,
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