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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
That was a typo, I meant $10. I have two cases coming tomorrow so I've got a lot of numbers running through my head.

Last year, the Young Guns from Series 2 did very well, but that may have been partially because the Brick and Mortar policy just hit and production was cut. I like this product a lot, but 24 boxes later I may not be so happy with it.

Either way, all my stuff will be for sale right away. Move fast and take your profit, and unless its a can't live without it PC item, sell and buy it back in 3 months.
KMD, do you offer your auctions to Canada, too, or just the US? I only ask because of the risk involved of shipping to Canada, but I realize that might also affect the prices a person can lose out on if it's restricted to US sales only.
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