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Tim and I have been discussing some of these issues today. Our conclusion, at least as far as our Facebook page and Blog, is to keep moderating the site as we always have and delete any comments we feel are inappropriate. This applies to personal attacks against other users, spamming, or promoting any kind of outside site/unrelated content/politics, etc. Anything outside of our direct influence (posts on personal facebook pages/other sites, etc.) should be brought to the attention of moderators there, if necessary.

As far as offers go, we do not have any kind of firm policy on the issue, but have always encouraged users to abide by some basic etiquette in order to sustain the system as it is. We have discussed and are working to implement some changes to the offer system to help address some of the concerns voiced here.

Jeremy and Tim are working on a Blog post right now which will expand on what I've said in detail, and I expect it to go up early this week. Our goal is for everyone who uses the site to find it a happy and safe place, and for the focus to be on the cards.
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