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Thanks. FWIW, it's a relief not to have to engage in verbal dialogue with loonies. It's one of the reasons I moved all my singles from eBay to COMC. DivaHalley is a tiny, tiny price to pay for the service I get at COMC.

Speaking of which, a question about amazon sales, if you have a minute, SJen:

Today I sold a $48 card on COMC via amazon. I was really happy with the price, even at the 20% discount, and started making plans for that $48. Several hours later I noticed that the money was pulled back out of my account and the sale reversed. HUGE disappointment. Are the amazon sales not final? How long do we have to wait on these sales to clear before we can count on that money belonging to us? Obviously, I'd prefer for buyer's remorse not to affect me at all, but if amazon insists on permitting it, I'd rather the sale be listed as pending instead of running the risk of spending or withdrawing money that doesn't yet belong to me.
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