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Originally Posted by DMOneyHOE View Post
i wonder what most people are buying for this promo? whats the hot seller out of the avalable product above?
I got in on the last promo (#3) with a 6 box lot of 2008 Elite Extra Edition and 10 box lot of 2009 Signature Stars which both come in today. I think 2008 EEE is loaded with possible autographs of Posey, Stanton, D. Brown, Flores, Soto, Derrick Rose and many more... Not bad at $65 a pop considering they sell for $70-$80 each on eBay consistently. Then $45 a pop for Signature Stars is not bad at a chance for Bryce Harpers, Machado, Bauers and a ton of other prospects. Both products to me or low-risk, high reward. I'm going to bust open the boxes today and if I pull anything decent, I'll probably dive back in and purchase more to get in this promo too.
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