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Originally Posted by susiferchris View Post
I have been getting a lot of jersey/patch cards from the bay that have a nice big juicy crease along the edge of the relic, and would love to know why people can't and won't use a GD decoy in the front of the card!!!!

I just got a 2010/11 Contenders Paul George, and the GD card has a crease near the patch on the left hand side. I also noticed that the card isn't the same card from the scan/photo. I emailed the SOB, and asked him why he sent me a card that wasn't the one advertised, and why it has a crease on it. I sure can't wait to here his excuses.

And before you ask, yes I am MAD BRO!!!
There are a lot of patch cards that come out of the pack with a crease by the relic. It most likely isn't from failing to use a decoy while shipping. But I agree it should have been stated in the auction. I've shipped thousands of cards w/o using decoys and I have never had a problem.
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