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Default 2 Cases Marvel Greatest Heroes

Here are the results of two cases of Marvel Greatest Heroes. Enjoy the scans. Any help with names are always appreciated.

Case 1
Mantis by Noval Herwawan
Black Widow by Marceo Ferreira
Photon by Daryl Banks
Mockingbird by Charles Hall
Wasp by Tess Fowler
Thor by Alex Magno

Nightcrawler by Chris Foreman
Daredevil by Andrew Cleveland
Daredevil by Sean Moore
Spiderwoman by Jomar Bulda
Nightcrawler by Apriyadi Kusbiantoro
Captain America by Lee Kohse

Case 2
Black Panther by Alberto Silva
????(Sentry?) by Eric McConnell
Wonderman by Bob Layton
Ms. Marvel by Chris Bradberry
Vision by Rodjer Goulart
Ares by Adriano Carreon

Shehulk by Jake Sumbing
Ms. Marvel by Joe Pekar
Hulk by Brian Turner
???? (Captain Britain?) by Jay David Lee
Ironman by Alex Magno
???? by Budi Setiawan

Some of the inserts. The Icons shadowbox cards are amazing (Thor card in middle) - we had 4 per case (the same in each unfortunately).

Uploaded with
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