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Originally Posted by REDSOX2011 View Post
I think you forgot your meds this morning. Better check on that.
So because you are a wishy-washy little child who can't make up his own mind I am on medication!

Originally Posted by blowe12 View Post
I just do not understand why you even started a thread for this. You say at the end of the OP that the transaction has been a waste of time. Okay, if you feel that way, block him or just say you are no longer interested and move on. If you feel because he said he was going to buy...but didn't warrants a negative feedback...then leave a negative. If not, just leave a neutral. But who cares what we think...its up to you to make that decision. It just seems like you already made your decision by how you wrote your original what did you think other BO members would tell you? You know sarcasm occurs on pointless threads. Quit whining and trying to give sarcasm back...just leave him the neg/neutral and move on.
Prebably because he didn't receive enough attention as a child or TOO much.

Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
Were you as pleasant in all those e-mails you sent to him as you have been in this thread?
I'm sure he sends peachy keen e-mails.
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