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Isn't it amazing how OLD the Bruins are? I mean how has such an OLD team even won one game so far this season? They are so OLD!

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I'm not going to even acknowlwdge such an uneducated post from a Pens Fan, learn a little about the defending Stanley Cup Champs before you make an ass of yourself Once again you prove me right when I comment on how you always post when you are winning and things are going your way, your team will AGAIN give a lackluster effort in the playoffs, and be a first round casualty Good Day
The Deflategate truthers are like one of those doomsday cults that declare the world is going to end at a certain date and time, and when it doesn’t, they just say “Whoops! We were slightly off in our math,” and then just pick another date.
Also, David Ortiz thinks he is bigger than the game.
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