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Default General Rules and Guidelines for Buy/Sell/Trade - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING IN B/S/T

Buy/Sell/Trade aka B/S/T Rules and Guidelines (For auctions: Auction Rules (please read before participating))

Be careful when doing any transaction online! Blowout Cards is not responsible for any transactions. However, we have these rules in place to help protect our members whether they are buying, selling or trading. Use caution and Report any suspicious activity to us right away!

Check Buyer/Seller feedback. We have the iTrader feature so that you can view a member's b/s/t history here on our forums. Also, if the user has their eBay ID posted, please check their feedback there as well (be sure to verify that the username since the member can edit this field).

Use Tracking or Delivery Confirmation. When sending items to another member, please use tracking or delivery confirmation so that there is some proof of delivery (if you know a member very well or if the card is not worth very much, you can ship w/o tracking at your own risk).

Use Paypal to protect yourself (Sending payment as a gift is the same as sending cash or a money order!). Paypal is convenient and safe for buyers, especially if you are buying from someone new or with someone you don't know.

Asking for Paypal Gift payments is NOT allowed. Please be aware that if you send payment as a GIFT, you will NOT be able to file a claim if there is a problem with the shipment. Sending payment as a gift is the same as sending cash or a money order! We do not recommend sending Paypal payments as a gift.

Include a price for each item in the first post of your thread (Buying or Selling). If you're buying or selling, please POST A PRICE! Failure to do so will result in the thread being deleted. Prices must be posted for every item that is for sale; if you are selling a lot, only a lot price is necessary but if you start to sell individual items, then individual prices are required. Pictures are always helpful too. We want to avoid situations where things are misleading or not clear...we want all B/S/T threads to be as clear and concise as possible. Outrageous and unreasonable prices may result in your thread being deleted; it is the same as not posting a price at all. If you want to run an auction, please list on eBay.

No Auction type threads - This includes threads that ask for the best card for a certain amount of money (ie. I want the best card/lot for $$XX threads). If you've got some money and are looking for something specific, make sure your title and description reflect exactly what you want (teams/players).

Photobucket/CMB Threads - If everything is priced out, these threads can be posted in the normal B/S/T area. However, most are posted without pricing and since this is a very popular way to trade, we will allow these to be posted, but only in the Spam Section (Spam your eBay & COMC listings here! (Photobucket, Sportslots, Sportsbuy, etc.) - Blowout Cards Forums)

Post a Clear and Informative Subject - Try and use the following format so that your thread title is more informative; this way someone will know by reading your title/subject if they are interested and don't have to waste time checking every thread that says "L@@K HERE! Wow!" Start your post with the following codes in the Title to verify what your B/S/T thread is about. If it is something general and the codes don't apply, just be sure to enter a good description in the subject and in your post whether it be for singles, parallels, inserts, or sets.

FS: For Sale
WTB: Want to Buy
FT: For Trade Only

Examples of a good titles:
FS: 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie Card. Excellent condition.
WTB: 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card graded PSA 9 or better.

Keep your thread updated. If your item sells, go back and edit your first post with ** SOLD ** at the top. This way people don't waste time viewing it if it's not available anymore. If it's a want list, update the first post instead of posting updated lists...this way others won't have to read the entire thread and start a spreadsheet to figure out which cards you still need.

Items for sale or trade must be in your possession. Selling items that are incoming or not in your possession is NOT allowed.

Multiple threads/Keep the clutter to a minimum. You should never have more than 1 active thread in each b/s/t sub forum at any time. Creating multiple threads for single cards all at once is not acceptable. We understand that old threads may be bumped and that is out of your control, but please do not post multiple threads at once - especially for single cards. If you see an old, outdated thread of yours being bumped, please edit out the OP and request the thread be closed (). When possible, combine all your cards into 1 thread. Excessive threads will be deleted or merged.

Duplicate threads not allowed. Do not post the same item more than once or in more than one place. Excessive threads will be deleted or merged.

No wax transactions please. This includes selling and trading of packs, boxes, cases, and factory sets.

No supply transactions. No supplies should be bought, sold, or traded on the forum. This includes toploaders, magnetics, boxes, etc.

No Blowout Gift Certificate or Gift code sales. Please no selling of Blowout Cards gift certificates and/or credit.

No COMMERCIAL posting allowed. - The B/S/T Forums are for Blowout Cards members and collectors to trade and sell among each other. All commercial posts will be deleted.

New User Restriction - To protect our members from quick buck scammers, we may ask new users who are selling to post some sort of reference such as eBay feedback.

No Raffles, Grab Bags, Mystery Packs, Hot Packs, etc. - No Raffles or any other similar postings. Only straight up buying, selling, trading. The more detail you post about what your looking for, the quicker your likely to get a response you need. IE I've got 20 Paypal and looking for 2008 Topps Chrome Copper Refractors for my set. Do not post you've got Paypal and looking for a "lot" (or autos, or jerseys) as specific as possible and the thread will likely not be deleted.

Bumping - Do not bump your thread. You may reply to questions about the op, but may not post consecutive (back to back) posts until at least 24 hours have passed. Do not ask friends to bump your thread. Do not create duplicate threads to avoid the bumping rule. Violations will result in the thread(s) being deleted and may result in a suspension from the forum.

Please Also See Other Rules:
General Forum Rules

Group Case Break Rules

Helpful link:
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