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Here's my 2 cents on a few. I got back into collecting after 20 years about 1 1/2 ago so I'm not expert, so I have the 'new to collecting' thoughts. I am not out to flip so I'm very particular about the design and what I buy.

Black Diamond - I love the look of these. It's a fun set to collect. They don't seem to hold value very well though. Box breaks are fun since you get 24 packs per box. You get a Bonus UD Ice with this one.

Certified - I really like the design on these too. With only 10 packs per box, it's harder to put a base set together, but you get 4 hits a box so that's fun. And the design on hits is good. I've bought several boxes of Certified plus a few blasters which seem to give you as good of hits as hobby.

Crown Royal - I personally hate the design on these. Most people seem to like them though. I haven't tried any of this.

SPA - Tried a box of these last year and just didn't get a very good box. The design was very plain. They seem to do well though.

SPGU - Too pricey for me. Nice cards though.

SPx - This was my favorite set last year, even though the base set design was lame, the design of all the various hits was great. You get a Bonus UD Ice pack with this too.

ITG seems to have some good stuff but I haven't bought that much.

hope that helps. :-)
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