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Default FS: Misc Entertainment Sketch/Autos/Relics From Collection Break

These are all from a collection I just bought. I'd like to get rid of them quickly. Prices are low and non-negotiable unless you want to buy a majority of the cards or you want to pay more than my asking prices. In either case, make an offer. Free shipping, minimum purchase $10. You can obviously combine with any other sale thread I have on here. A few of the cards have minor condition issues which I noted. Also, the toploaders on the sealed razor cards have some scratches/marks. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. PAYPAL ONLY.

Mignola Hellboy Sketch /101: SOLD (Please note there is a tiny spot on the top edge of the card as you can see in the scan above the R in Card.)

Breygent Dexter Comic Con Relic (Metal Card): SOLD
Breygent Marilyn Monroe Hankie: SOLD
Alisen Down Auto Smallville: SOLD
Randy Oglesby as Prof Seidel Auto: SOLD
Chuck Zito Ali Auto: SOLD
Night of the Hunter Movie Posters Mitchum/Winters/Gish Relic: $7
Stage Door Relic Ball/Hepburn/Rodgers (Condition: Some wrikiles around relic cutouts): SOLD
Borgnine Icons (minor wear): SOLD

Kid Reid Promo Auto: SOLD
Alisen Down Auto: SOLD
Bernard Hill as Philos Auto: SOLD
Erik Maell Woodstock Generation Sketch: $12

Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Angel Auto: $12
Sean Maher as Simon Tam Firefly Auto: $10
Forest Whitakar Razor Relic SOLD
Prominent cuts 50 Cent relic: $6
Prominent Cuts Wahlberg Relic: SOLD
Prominent Cuts Bette Davis Relic (a bit of corner wear): $6
Alec Newman Drogyn Auto Angel: SOLD
4400 Pieceworks Sean Tyson as Gabriel: SOLD

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