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Originally Posted by Old Nap View Post
Gonzo/Kilgor, I'm curious why Artifacts? What about it do you like? What about Certified don't you like? I wouldn't say Artifacts is a cheaper alternative. It's about $150 a box as far as I can tell. Cheaper than The Cup or Dominion I suppose, but what isn't?
I think with Artifacts you stand the chance of getting a decent Patch card, along with the Rookie/Redemptions which if you hit the right one you stand to pull a $50-$75 card, and a few dollars more if you get one of the Rookie Auto Red., plus I have always liked the design of the inserts. Certified IMO is a terrible design with the sticker Auto's being even uglier, the one nice subset which I don't know the odds are the Silhouette Rookies from I believe Crown Royale!
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