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Default Scammer Alert

This is a post to let people know about a scammer here on blowout cards. I recently made a trade with "playhard" it was supposed to be my Favors NT RAP /99 and triple prime patch Auto Durant, Conley, Horford for a bgs 9 durant sp threads gold/50 and a dwyane wade auto gu card /50. He pushed to send at sametime cuz we both have low feedback so I told him I couldnt cuz my cards were at home and I was at work. a few mins later he tells me he sent it out of good faith and gave me a dc number with no insurance or signature confirmation. He tells me he sent priority and that I had to. After suspicious emails back and fourth I started to get suspicious about how pushy he was. I contacted him Fri the next day when I found out it was a po box I was sending to and asked him if I should have it held at post office for pickup and he said "NO". He didnt respond for quite some time after so I did not mail it that day. Saturday rolls around when it was expected and no shipment and my mailman said its not that unordinary that its a day late. I gave him my package and later that day he posts jordan exquisite cards he said he had but was listed on ebay from another person. I gave maggliofan1 a call and he told me that playhard was supposed to pay him for like two weeks for a card but kept having excuses. I got my package back from my mailman after tracking him down and today his package was delivered somewhere in Ohio. Funny thing is Im in Philly... DC # 03112550000365698017. Please be AWARE...
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