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Default 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football HRX Autograph Tracker


Please ONLY post the following:

HRX Autographed Video Cards #'d to 10 and 1/1
1/1 Cards
Totally Green Emerald Cards /5

How does Blowout Auction Tracker Work?

  1. For specific new card releases, we will set up a new tracker thread on our Message Board.
  2. Collectors will then be able to post Ebay links for any High end singles that they feel are worthy to be noted.
  3. To encourage everyone to get involved, we will be offering the following incentive program (based on the total # of views for each tracker thread):

When the Tracker Hits...

we will give out a

FREE BOX of 2007 Leaf Limited Football Hobby!

Here's How the Free Box will be Awarded:

- Similar to the NBA Draft lottery, each member who posts a link in this Auction Tracker Thread will receive 1 entry (or ping pong ball). The more unique items you post, the more ping pong balls you get!

-Participants will receive 1 entry for each unique Item/Link posted. You may combine up to 10 items into 1 posting. Please try to combine multiple items onto 1 posting when possible.

-Once the thread hits 10,000 views (or more), we will pull the first ping pong ball and announce the member who receives the Free box of 2007 Leaf Limited Football

-We feel this is the most fair way so that those who put the time in will have a better chance at being rewarded.

-Also, please include a picture with the listing to be eligible for the Free Box.

-The Staff at Blowoutcards

We've reached the 10,000 View Milestone... Congrats to msumarr54 who will receive a Free Box of 2007 Leaf Limited Football! Please email us at

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