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I would stay away from most Panini as 90% of the autos are stickers, I am pretty partial to On-Card vs Sticker Autos, and Panini seems to be happy with about 50% of their autos being redemptions!! Thats another downside with Panini, too many redemptions. A few of the other members mentioned SPA, not bad to start with, at least the 3 Guaranteed Autos are On-Card, the only downside to SPA is they expanded the set from 100-150 so it does make it harder to build sets, and the amount of Rookies in SPA is huge... almost too many.

If you want on card Autos go with SPA
If you want Parallels and shiny cards go with Certified
If you want cards that will depraciate the second you open them with no return go with Black Diamond.
If you want Parallels and Game-Used go with Artifacts.

As a few members mentioned go with 2010-11, better rookie class.
A good one to start with, and yes it goes against what I said earlier is Contenders, rookies are on-card auto and you get 4 a box. Of all the boxes I opened only got 1 redemption.
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