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Originally Posted by Old Nap View Post
Gonzo/Kilgor, I'm curious why Artifacts? What about it do you like? What about Certified don't you like? I wouldn't say Artifacts is a cheaper alternative. It's about $150 a box as far as I can tell. Cheaper than The Cup or Dominion I suppose, but what isn't?
Certified struggled this year. The design wasn't much different from last year's, which is okay, but the big chasers were the rookie jersey auto's. The Freshman Signatures checklist was subpar, tough to pull anything good, the big names were SPs. While I loved the rookie jersey auto's, they used the "Totally Certified" design on those, which I loved, but found a bit lazy. But I split hairs.

I was lucky enough to hit a rookie jersey auto in the only box I got, and my brother hit a nice Henrik Sedin jersey auto numbered really low, so we did well with the product, but the resell is tough and the potential for just horrid boxes is a bit too high for me.

Obviously, artifacts has the potential for a doodoo box as well. The rookie redemptions are big deals, if you hit the right one it's an auto and it's big $. Even if you don't, you could get a big name non auto rookie plus the autofacts or patch auto that's guaranteed in the box. It really comes down to what you like, the risk is there with both of them.

Artifacts is at ~$150 because of it's consistent flow of nice cards coming out of it. Certified is at ~$80 because of its INconsistency.

That's what it mostly boils down to, Artifacts is very very consistent imo.
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