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Kilgor, that's what I was looking for, thanks! Everyone can have an opinion about why they like or dislike a product. I wanted to understand why most people seem so down on Certified. Now I understand.

I think in total Certified I've bought 2 hobby boxes and 3 or 4 blasters. The blasters were basically 1/3 hobby boxes. It sounds like I beat the odds to some extent. I didn't do very well on Autos, but I pulled 2 Prime Die Cut #/10 (Tatar/Giroux) and 1 Prime Die Cut#/5 (Nash) and 1 #/25 Gold Prime Jersey (Eberle). The only down side is I am still missing almost 1/2 the base set. My 2nd hobby box had only 1 base card I needed. That was a let down.

I bought 1 box of Artifacts this year and I did hit an Emerald Jersey/Patch (Stastny) but it only books at $20 bucks. Big Whoop! ;-) I did better from the couple blasters I bought.

and @nyisle... very good synopsis. ;-)

and @Newton... I'm not trying to hijack your thread, I have had some of the same questions for a year. ;-)
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