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Originally Posted by u_want_my_cards View Post
Rather have redemptions then a bunch of scrub autos.
More than half of the redemptions are lower tier players as it is. I think the overall issue isn't redemption but their utter lack of customer service. How many of us have called only to get a voice mail or get a live person who forwards you on to a voice mail and then not get a call back. Why not just disconnect the phone lines all together because the CS folks are only a prop. For god sake they shipped a redemption to my old address that wasn't my address of record when it shipped and I have heard a thing from them after multiple attempts to reach them via phone and through their useless request logging database. I don't mind redemptions at all but it is really rediculos having to wait a year and sometimes 2 years to get a card even when you select replace after 4 months or 8 months and what's even worse is when you see live autos of that same player in newer products.
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