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Default 2012 Leaf Golf - 6 box break

Fun to break something different. Cannot add pics from my phone, but will list some highlights. Will add a couple pics later. All will be available on eBay for 3 days until Monday.

Morgan Pressel Gold Prismatic Superfractor Champions Auto 1/1
Keegan Bradley Blue Prismatic Auto 10/10
Paula Creamer Blue Prismatic Champions Auto /10
Bill Haas Green Prismatic Auto /25
Bill Haas Award Winners auto /50
Beatriz Recari Ladies Of The Links Auto /50
Retirf Goosen National Pride Auto /50
Brendon de Jonge Green Prismatic National Pride Auto /25
Trevor Immelmann Refractor Auto /50
Nancy Lopez Refractor Auto /50
Chris Kirk Blue Prismatic Base Parallel /10

Plus a bunch of base cards, refractor parallels, base autos and refractor autos.

PC: Penn State players in their Penn State uniforms

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