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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
Oh ok, cool. Thanks!

I thought maybe it was like the National where there were all kinds of special deals, special boxes, special prices, extra packs, and things like that. I appreciate the info!
The Summit is for shop owners to meet with the distributors and manufacturers and get info about upcoming products, plus talks about how to improve your business. There were a few special deals if you pre-ordered product (like Sportkings Series E, if you pre-ordered a master case, you would get a nice art/memorabilia card). Benchwarmers also had a special product available to order only by summit dealers called Vegas Baby! I think a 12 box case cost $900, and each box came with 7 cards. Half the autographs were on regular card stock and the other half plus all the swatch/kiss cards were on stock like their ultimate products. I think that was the only special product availalbe to buy.
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