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That sucks! Can you call the local Police Department wherever he lives? It would be fraud or stealing correct?

Originally Posted by arodarmy2010 View Post
Wow, I just got completely ripped off by this guy then. Sent a bunch of stuff to him and he said he sent my two aaron rodgers autos for it. Sent the tracking number and it ended up in a different state saying he sent the package to the wrong address. I'm screwed. He got the packages already and sold the cards already. Damn I feel stupid and probably am for not looking up his name right away. Just lost a ton of nice stuff for things I will never see. Already sent him a PM and am hoping he comes through as I have seen some deals with him have gone flawless, while others were a train wreck. I have a feeling mine will be the train wreck. Wish I could do something, will tell the MODS but there isn't a whole lot I can do to get my end of the deal back.
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