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Default UFC Knockout Case Break

Dunno if this was just a really good case or what, but by far the best UFC product in a long time. One pack had been sold when I got there (had a Belfort Auto Relic /10) but grabbed the rest of the 4 box case. Pics to follow this evening.

Notable Base Parallels

Ben Henderson Ruby #1/8


Cyborg /88

Matt Relics

Akiyama Green /88 2 Color
Jorgensen Green /88

Evans /288
Koschek /288
Ferguson /288
Belfort /288
Ebersole /288
Sonnen /288
Cruz /288
Mendes /288

Premium Pieces

Kingsbury /88
Browne /88

Triple Threads Relics

Dominick Cruz #6/18
Akiyama Gold #3/9

Fighter Autographs /159
Stipe Miocic
Tyron Woodley
JZ Cavalante
Michael McDonald

Autogrpahed Fighter Relics

Cris Cyborg Redemption
Antonio Silva /275
Joseph Benavidez /275
Ben Henderson /275
GSP /150

Knockout Between Rounds

Rachelle Leah Triple Relic #8/25

Anthony Pettis Nicknames Auto "Showtime" #22/25

Full Contact Autograph Wanderlei Silve Redemption

Fighter Autograph Red Parallel /15 Redemption Brock Lesnar

GSP Triple Threads Red Auto Relic #11/18

Tito Ortiz Triple Threads Blue Auto Relic #3/3

Three of a Kind Triple Auto #6/10 - Faber, Mendes, and Benavidez

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