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Yeah you've all guided me where I was thinking of going with it.

Unless I pull an M2, M11 or Reedus auto I really don't stand a chance on making what I potentially could on the sealed case separately.


Had my girlfriend pick up my 'box.'

Turns out I'm getting 15 from one box, and 9 from another. Should I even bother selling that on Ebay and just sell packs in groups? I mean if they're from separate cases then I'd imagine it wouldn't go for the same but I have seen some pack lots go for a pretty ridiculous amount. What are you guys thinking?

I mean having cards from separate cases poses an interesting problem and solution at the same time. If I get cracks from two different cases that opens up possibilities for multiple hits... but also has the same gamble of not getting anything at all.

Every time I make my mind up I have another reason to change it.

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