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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
I'm sort of confused...did you buy a case or a box or is this 24 packs from 2 separate boxes? If that's the case then I would not buy the box since all the good hits were pulled. The only way you will make money is for sealed boxes. You could tell which packs had the relics and the guy selling could have just opened up packs until he pulled the auto and then sold the rest off. If that's the case then no wonder he sold the box for $89...there's no HITS in the remaining packs!
Yeah... it's 15 from one and 9 from another.

It's between two stores that had them... I guess I'm just wanting them regardless because nobody can get them. That being said though the 3 boxes I've cracked there's no way to know if you got an auto... I mean the relics sure... but I already have all those so it wouldn't exactly kill me if I didn't get them. I don't know... we'll see what happens.

I've seen unboxed packs selling well too... so I might just sell them in 3's or 4's and see what I can get.


Here's another thought though... while the 15 is what was left from one case, the 9 from the other still leaves a few behind. I think there's still some in there... the guy just gave me MSRP for a full 'box' and I think he still had some extra too. I was going to ask my guy if he could get me those too... so that's another reason why I decided to do it.

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