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K, going live Friday around 8pm, not 100% sure on time, I've had 2 family members pass away in the past week and a half and my grandmother who raised me is in and out of the hospital over the same time, sorry I've been a bit out of it lately. I will be posting the live link once I get set up Friday.

Draft will begin whenever, I start a new job MONDAY and will not have internet access till Monday night after 10pm est. These are small drafts, so we may be able to get it almost done by Tuesday so I can ship asap, not sure on my work schedule for sure, but I will do all I can get it everything packed out quickly. I work Saturday morning after the break, so it will be after 6pm saturday to update anything after friday's break.

I will random the lists for the top 12 to receive promo codes for the packs. I wanted just send in whole cases and do another break, but apparently people are sensitive and don't want that, we will figure that out later.
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