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If the "rules" were being followed 100% all the time then people would be multi quoting and waiting the 24hrs, I'll admit I might not wait 24hrs sometimes it's like 23hrs and 10 mins but I figure that's not the problem here.

I've got a question about bumping. Let's say I post something for sale/trade @ 11:00 am and somebody post a comment/question a couple hours or so later, I'm guessing we're allowed to respond in the thread unless being asked to pm.

Also same scenario but instead they say something like "nice cards" or "posting here to remind myself to check later" then @ 11:00 am the next day can you post again since it's been 24hrs for you or would you have to wait for 24hrs until after their post?

A suggestion that was posted before that I still believe is a good idea is to give "Trading" and "Selling" it's own thread, perhaps even a separate thread just for "Buying"
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