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Originally Posted by rudyjustinfarrell View Post
Just to help out the OP, here's where we stand for a possible 2nd case. Of course this is contingent if OLDGOLDY could even get/do a 2nd case...

32 teams:


mrlaker (2)
badsims (1)
ravenhead42 (1)
razorsharp79 (3-4)
bizmark31 (1)
smkelly (1)
robdijohn (1)
nxun (2)

By my math, that is approximately 17/32 teams taken. So we'd only be about halfway to a 2nd case break. If anyone sees numbers in parenthesis "()" that they want changed, LMK and we can make the changes.

Note: Numbers are changing as people are added.
I updated the op using this info. One massive loser who apparently spent too much on breaks this month had to drop out (I'll let everyone guess who that was) so that puts a second case at 20 of 32 slots accounted for. If we can get 12 more filled, I'll do the second case.
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