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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Ebay user id:


This member not only took my card and refund, he then leaves me a negative after the fact. I knew something was wrong when he bid on my auction stated he was from the UK. So he bypassed paying international shipping to China. He is registered under Then when he wins and pays, the paypal shipping address is to China.

Ontop of all that he took 3 weeks to pay. So he opens his case literally right after paying (or started complaining why hasnt his card come yet).

Im done with sending to China. ITs seriously not worth it. Want to take my card, no problems. Want a refund, fine ill give it to you. Then to leave me a neg? Seriously on top of everything you extorted from me already? Just not worth it. I hope this guy bangs a chicken and gets the bird flu.
did you call ebay and ask for the feedback to be removed. after a case is open and refund is given, the buyer cannot neg you.

sorry for the issues, we've all had em i'm sure.
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