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Default Sorta Old School - 3 cases of 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee

I picked up these three cases and four cases of 2009-10 (coming in another post) took me a few weeks to bust all seven and sort. But here are the results of the 2008-09, most everything either is up or will be going up in my ebay store.

I was able to make 6 full sets including the 100 sps, which was excellent and a couple base sets as well. I complete two of every insert set and was close to a third of each. I ended up with 201 different gold parallels and was a bit bummed I still needed 60 or so cards for the complete Retro Short Print set.

Blank Back Super Short Prints (6 - seems to be coming two per case in all my OPC openings):
Mike Rupp, Johan Franzen, Bruno Gervais, Shea Weber, Chris Osgood and Ryan Miller!

Autographs (4 - supposed to be two per case but was shorted a couple): Chris Higgins, JORDAN STAAL, Rookie Buyback Curtis McElhinney and Rookie Buyback Ryan Callahan!

Triple Material Jersey (13 - three per case so I hit an extra one):
Penguins - Gonchar/Whitney/Letang
Canucks - Naslund, Sedin, Sedin x2
Maple Leafs - McCabe, Ian White, Colaiacovo
Maple Leafs - Sundin, Tucker, Jason Blake
Wild - Rolston, Bouchard, Parrish
Red Wings - Holmstrom, Draper, Stuart
E Staal/Briere/Sakic

54 different Rainbow Parallels /100 (notables):
Ryan Miller
Zach Parise
Jason Spezza
Goligoski RC
Salming Legend
Jari Kurri Legend

You also get one Winter Classic SP per box (nice cards):
3 - Sidney Crosby
2 - Evgeni Malkin

O-Pee-Chee is always a fun and cheap break, with a lot of potential with all the shortprints and potential parallels and hits.

Thanks for the look, 2009-10 break coming in a few
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