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I got my case and got it gone through gave up sorting bout halfway through lol. I don't think I did to bad on it. I got 9 hits, every box had something. I had one box with 2 Auto's, 2 Parallels and 8 Foils. I should have atleast 8 base sets or more when finish sorting and got 3 Foil sets.

Parallels are #6, 17, 19, 21, 22, 44, 45, 77 & 80.

Auto's are Shia LaBeouf , Andrew Divoff, Alan Dale, David Koepp & Igor Jijikine.

I got 4 Sketches and I need help with them. Top left I don't know the artist, top right I believe is Jon Ocampo, bottom left Howard Shum, bottom right Ryan Waterhouse.

Overall I'm happy with the break. I wanted the Shia LaBeouf Auto since Transformers 2 is coming out soon and interest in him should heat up again alittle. Let me know how I did on the sketches and feel free to PM with any interest. I'll be selling most everything when find out more. Thanks for looking and Good Luck on your pulls.
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