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Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
I've got a question about bumping. Let's say I post something for sale/trade @ 11:00 am and somebody post a comment/question a couple hours or so later, I'm guessing we're allowed to respond in the thread unless being asked to pm.

Also same scenario but instead they say something like "nice cards" or "posting here to remind myself to check later" then @ 11:00 am the next day can you post again since it's been 24hrs for you or would you have to wait for 24hrs until after their post?

A suggestion that was posted before that I still believe is a good idea is to give "Trading" and "Selling" it's own thread, perhaps even a separate thread just for "Buying"
23 hours and 10 min if caught will land you on the thread bumping island. The rules state "DO NOT bump your thread to the top unless it has been idle for more than 24 hours" that's not 23 hours and 10 min. Seems trivial but others have had their threads deleted and/or suspended and to be fair they must be applied equally.

As for the replying - yes you can reply. The rule is setup for consecutive posts (or so that was the nature when it was implemented). This allows you to have conversations if needed - although most typically once a response is made are done via pm's. So once someone else posts - essentially there is no time clock. the time clock would start i f you posted at 3:32 pm, then if no one has posted, you need to wait till 3:33 pm tomorrow to post again on that thread.

The only issue with having all the subforums is that it just takes more work and for say me as a buyer I've got 3 places I now need to look for something. Minor and since I use the forum search options quite a bit probably not a big deal - but the idea is not to really copy anyone else's forum setup either. Simpler to me is better and easier. Same goes for a seller - your going to likely have 1/3 of the exposure you would have since you cant then go and make 3 different threads (remembering that ideally you have no more than 1 thread per sport per day).
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