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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
I've heard that the case breakdown would be one guaranteed Jordan per case, one guaranteed Lebron per case, and the third pack would contain another "group A" autograph.

It may just be a souped up All time greats.

They MUST do it right in order for this product to garner collectors respect.

I really hope they don't start using "photoshoot" veteran jerseys, ie a carolina jersey that Jordan wore at an upper deck "event". That would be the ultimate, er, an exquisite slap in the face.

You know this product would still sell like crazy if there is a jordan auto per case, even if he signs "event" used toilet paper - LOL.

ok, maybe not.

I know one thing for sure - I'm sticking with the good old licensed stuff.
Originally Posted by ivbaseball06 View Post
I don't like how UD is doing the whole '1 MJ auto per case!' thing. They did it with All Time Greats and it flooded so many MJ autos out there. They don't hold near the value of pro-uniform cards. It gives a lot of people a chance to own a Jordan which is cool, but I fear the day that they get NBA licensing back and send out 1000 Jordan autos in one Exquisite release.
Originally Posted by gonygo View Post
spend thousands and get a couple hundred dollar mj auto guarenteed...ehhh, sorry that doesnt excite me at all, In fact, it ruins it.. The fun is in getting something rare and incredible, not the other way around. It's the search for the buried treasures that makes it worthwhile...When will these companies get it.
this +10000000000

It amazes me...astounds me...and any other word you can insert here

Panini first comes into the basketball scene and throws out logomen in products, result on here:

5-10 pages of "rabble rabble rabble Panini is ruining the market/value of Logomen rabble rabble rabble"

que to when they signed Kobe, and his auto seemed to be a case hit:

5-10 pages of "rabble rabble rabble Panini is ruining the market/value of Kobe autos rabble rabble rabble"

Cue to this "Exquisite" product and several of UD's past NCAA themed products-since thats all they can produce, with the MJ/LBJ/Magic insert other big name legends at a rate of 2-3 per case...

"oh yeah this product looks good..cant wait.."


so Panini "floods" the market with Logomen and Kobe Autos..lets burn Panini down, UD floods the market with MJ/LBJ etc autos...well its ok cuz thats all they have

such hypocrisy
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