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Originally Posted by yazevans View Post
COMC has said they give a lot more front page exposure during the first day of an ad's run. I've experienced this myself, I've run a few multi-day ads and gotten more offers by far in the first 24 hours. In fact, I ran one last week for 4 days, got tons of offers on the first day and maybe 2 offers total on the other three days combined.
Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Same here. I've learned it's MUCH better to run a couple different 1 or 2 day ads for $3-4 a piece rather than a single 7 day ad for $9.
At least this makes some sense to me, I know what they said about front page views and what not. The longest I have run is a 7 day, maybe a 10 day. Usually the first few days are when most of the sales happen, so I now understand running a couple ads a week or every few days, but I personally do look at the ads list everyday (or I try to) so that I don't miss anything.

I think I brought up gonefishingwis (or whatever the name was) due to that he has a new ad everyday with a new 50% off sale. I can't see spending $21/week or basically $80+ a month to advertise like that where I don't see much change in his inventory each day (I do look through it, but everything seems overpriced already and even overpriced at 1/2 off)

Maybe it is working for him where he is recouping all the ad, storage, and listing fees, and if he uses the auto accept feature which can be at a minimum $15/month.

Thanks for the feedback
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