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Default Lionsgate and eBay pulled my Hunger Games auction down (sketch available now)...

So I recently put up a sketchcard of Katniss on eBay for a 5 day auction and it sold well for $120. I thought since it did so well I'd draw another and see if I could get a good price for it. I set up another auction and put it up, it was up for 2 days with 6 bids; Today I got an email from eBay saying that lionsgate made them end my item (not only end it but erase all history of it, even the people who were bidding on it so I cant sell it to them outside eBay) because of copyright infringement, actually they called it "counterfeit items" which to that I said WTF!?

So now that I cant sell the card on eBay, I figured I'd show it on these boards and if anyone would be interested in owning it can send me a PM, or we can just bitch about eBay for a while, I know I will.

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