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Here's what I don't understand and you, of all people, would know this better than anyone because of your continuous research.

You can piece together a Master Set w/ the Patch for at/under $2350

Base set plus both insert sets - $60
Wardrobe set 1-17 - $450
Binder plus Wardrobe #18 - $150
All 5 Promos - $100
Both Bernthal Autos - $160
Both Yeun Autos - $60
Both Riggs Autos - $60
Both Bell Autos - $60
Both James Autos - $60
Both Rooker Autos - $80
Both Singleton Autos - $60
Both Reedus Autos - $300
Rick Patch - $750

Now, the only draws are the 1/1s and the Shane is already gone. If you buy the case, here's what you won't get:

Binder plus M18
All 5 Promos
Complete Auto set, and you won't get both Bernthals and Reedus Autos in a case.
Chances are you won't get the Lori M2 Super SP.

It just doesn't make sense.

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