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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post

Ebay user id: collectingcardswesternking

He is now emailing me outside of ebay (Got my email addy from my paypal addy) and has decided to ask me to ship him $35 in return he will remove my negative feedback removal request. Also had the balls to tell me its a limited time offer.

I called ebay using the pin number and got some loser that keeps telling me that its ebay policy NOT to remove negative feedback unless its abusive. I explained to him the extortion and he just keep repeating the same garbage that he does not see the thread amongst our emails back and forth eventhough I told him he sent me an email outside of ebay.

I swear, ebay hires the dumbest people. Ebay was better off when they outsourced all these calls to India. Atleast they could understand the logic better.
eBay sits there when you call, ignore you until you stop talking, and then reads off a piece of paper. It's a joke, they don't actually help anyone in terms of this stuff anymore (they did before). But I'm surprised they won't remove the negative when you went through the process.
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