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Originally Posted by YakuzaShoeii View Post
It appears that many people do not agree with the choices pulled. Probably even more that haven't spoken up. If this poll is really about the people and their best pulls, then why are the best pulls not chosen? Out of the 5 good cards I pulled (four - 1/1's) from my $10k+ order, the second worst card was chosen (a 2/5). There are many choices that make more sense than those that have made it to this list. Brock Lesnar, Yu Darvish, David Wright, Cam Newton /25 really? How is there anything that is of /2 or higher? With all due respect, the list on this poll is a joke!
Just because a card is a 1/1 doesnt really mean its a better card. I was a little surprised to see the David Wright that I pulled in a group break make it, but the odds are like 1 in 10 cases for one of those jumbo patches. The fact that Tier One isnt a very strong product to begin with makes it even more rare because not many are buying Teir One.

Additionally, a 1/1 that is pulled from a product like Topps Series 1 is a much tougher pull than a product like TTT where there is like 1 per case.
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